Thursday, 4 July 2013


What kind of world is it my friend 
that little children see? 
I wonder if they see God first 
because they just believe? 

Do they see strength in caring eyes 
who watch them as they play - 
or maybe love through gentle hands 
that guide them on their way? 

Do children dream of future times 
when they would be a king - 
or just enjoy their present life 
while with their friends they sing? 

And when the day is over - 
as they close their eyes to sleep - 
do children look forward to tomorrow 
with its promises to keep? 

If this is what our children see 
then it should be no surprise - 
the world would be a better place 
if we all had children's eyes. 

Tom Krause - 2000 
Inspiring Confidence, Hope & Worth in Every Child 
Motivational/Inspirational Educational Keynote Presenter

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