Tuesday, 27 November 2012

I'm Only Two

I love to run around and around, and climb inside cupboards, too,

To tip every thing out of boxes and put things down the loo

I love to put things around my neck and to be swaddled in a blanket by you.  I need your help when I’m upset because I don’t know what to do.

My emotions wash all over me, like a storm that needs to calm,

I need you to be close to me, with a love that breaths healing balm

 I really enjoy movement: to dance to rock to spin; to crawl and wriggle like a worm on the floor, to put all of my toys in the bin!

I laugh and cry and kick and scream, when I’m tired and I don’t understand. I need you to be close to me, I need you to hold my hand.

I am so very clever, learning more than you can see; my neurons connect in all weathers and lay foundations for who I will be.

I miss my mummy and daddy, please wipe my nose for me, I'm learning about loss and separation, these things are new to me.

I love to experiment with food, with water and mud too, I’m a mathematician, a physicist, a communicator with exceptional perception of cues.

I know what I want and I take it– it’s an exciting way to live – to tell me to share, to say sorry and stop crying will not teach me to give.

I cry, I kick, I bite, I spit I may not let you near, stay close to me, keep me from harm and always wipe my tears..

I’m only two, I need to know that you will shower me with love, to help me grow, to help me know, how to grow the wings of a dove.

I am very happy for you to share this with others
Copyright - Tracy Seed 11/12


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