Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A Coaching Style of Leadership

Most leaders will say that they do employ a coaching style of leadership, but in my experience when we examine what this looks like in practice, they discover that they spend most of their time giving advice and direction, rarely taking the time to listen to their staff or to understand their long-term work related aspirations and goals. 

This video of Daniel Goleman being interviewed about leadership explains very well, the type of skills that make outstanding leaders.

Many of these skills can be found in the coaching style of leadership.

The Lead First programme supports leaders and managers to develop these skills and competencies. During four days of experiential learning, with fortnightly intervals between sessions, participants learn to listen, gain awareness of different perceptual viewpoints. They practice the attitude and model of communication developed by Dr Marshall Rosenberg’s non-violent communication and the processes for group decision making developed by Gerard Endenburg’s work with – Dynamic Governance. They coach each other towards taking action and achieving thier goals.

This is what some of my recent participants said after attending this four day programme.

“I am now able to reflect about the overall situation in the nursery and myself as a manger too; the dynamics between the two and how to improve them. I am more able to use a particular style needed for the situation.” Corninna

“Coaching- listening to my staff and letting them solve problems, not jumping in with my opinion is what I have learnt” Tracey

“I feel that I am leaving the course with new skills. I feel empowered and confident and my team have already noticed the difference – inspirational!” Frances

If you would like to develop some of these skills, why not join my next 4 day LEAD first training, being held in:

Bromley commencing 6th May

Lincolnshire commencing 7th June (to be confirmed)

Newmarket commencing 8th June

Book your place now by clicking here or telephone me for further information for contact details see http://www.tracyseedassociates.co.uk/


  1. A lot of people are looking for ways to improve their lives and their leadership skills, that is why they look for the services of a coach. Actually, there are various kinds of coaches. Some of them are sports coaches, there are also life coaches, and there are those who engage in leadership coaching.

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  2. Thanks for your comment. I agree that coaching is an extremely valuable process for people wishing to improve their lives and their leadership skills, parenting, relationships etc etc...and its great when managers develop some of these skills too, they are able to listen more to their staff, understand and support them. The skills are helpful for facilitating discussions, solving problems together,leading through conflicts and much much more....