Friday, 15 March 2013

Spring Awakening

Come and join us for a day of rejuvination this Sunday. We begin with morning spring yoga with Claire Russell. In this class we will tune into the rhythm of spring and the sense of awakening it brings. After the long, cold, dark days of winter, the spring sun brings warmth, more light and an environment for growth. Just as the snow on the mountain peaks begins to melt and the process of liquefying and dissolving begins, we will generate heat in our bodies to break down areas that may feel stagnant or blocked and create space for something new. By incorporating twists to detoxify and backbends to de-congest this class will prepare you to unfold into spring and give you the tools to support yourself safely in this process.

Yoga is followed by an NVC Practice Group  with Tracy Seed open to everyone. We will focus on connecting to experiences of celebration and mourning we will work playfully with the inner voices of judgement, labelling and evaluation and hear beyond these to discover what we and others truly feel and need in various aspects of our lives. We increase our capacity for relating in ways that offer us more clarity about what it is we and others really want and we practise communicating in ways with the intention to maintain compassionate connection.

At 4.00 we express ourselves through the amazing fun and transformational dance and movement system of Biodanza. We celebrate with dances of strong identity and liberation, connecting to our vital energy, flexibly and fluidity into harmony and to deeper meditative and relaxed movements for release and restoration.

Classes are for all abilities.  We meet at  9 Havelock Walk, Forest Hill, London SE23 3HG. If you are interested in attending the full day event, or just one or two of these classes. Click here: A day of Yoga, NVC, Biodanza, for more info on costs and times.

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