Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Music is all around us all we have to do is listen

Music is all around us all have to do is listen

We sing before we talk, we dance before we walk”  P. Grendrad

I thought that you might be interested in a (just launched) video that Marjorie Ouvry just send to me. She helped to produce it.

It is part of a series of videos on U-tube by the London Early Years Music Network funded by Youth Music and it shows the basic stages of supporting and extending young children’s innate musicality. Their intention is that it will be the starting point, helping staff to be more aware of children’s innate musicality and to give music more prominence in the early years curriculum.

If you enjoy watching it please do pass it on. 

 " I am more and more convinced that if practitioners promote music and movement in our early years curriculum all the other things would fall into place!" Marjorie Ouvry

I totally agree how about you ? 


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