Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Retreat in Greece

Working in UK from September until June with children and families and then off to Greece for the summer where we lead various events including a retreat week for people from varied backgrounds, cultures and professions.

This year on the 3rd of August, we completed the second “Dancing with Life” event at Kalikalos. We have led our programme in this small holistic education centre on Pelion Mountain for two summers now and continue to be inspired by the people we meet.

The authentic, family friendly community ethos at Kalikalos offers our participants immediate opportunity to practice mindfulness, which they develop through coaching and an introduction to the foundations and engagement with NVC (the work of Dr Marshall Rosenberg) and Biodanza (a dance and movement system created by Rolando Toro).

The week offers relaxation, restoration, rejuvenation, focus, living consciously, radical honesty, connection, communication, dance, movement, expression, vitality, creativity and an aliveness and fervour for life.

Participants travelled from Australia, UK, Norway, Holland, Germany and across Greece to join us there.

We feel immense gratitude and joy that we have had the privilege again to work with such an amazing group of people and are thankful to the magical mountain of Pelion, where in ancient Greece the story is that the Centaurs used to roam to collect herbs from its rich green forests, for medicinal purposes and there is no doubt that this mountain does seem to have a magical healing energy that touches all who visit her.

This is what some of our participants said:

“I received unconditional love and empathy from all members of the group and the leaders enabling me to regain belief in myself, to trust my feelings and permission to express my needs and to make clear requests of others with confidence and a feeling of security” Mandy Ffrench, Australia

“When people talked of enlightenment I never really knew what they meant but wanted it now I feel my need has been met. Absolutely amazing thank you Tracy and Liz” Sally Grafton, UK

If you would like to join us here and Dance with Life in Greece next year, or at one of our other locations, please contact us directly

Or maybe you would like a retreat week for your staff team...

With love

Tracy and Liz

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