Thursday, 5 August 2010

Circle Time and more in Greece

I arrived here at the Kalikalos Centre in Greece 23rd July to take part in a dynamic governance (sociocracy) training event with Emile Van Dantzig and I found myself gaining a deeper understanding of this organisational model and in a small community of people of all ages in the mountains of Pelion, a very short walk from the beautiful traditional village of Kissos.
Immediately on arrival, I was welcomed and had a sense of connection with the place and the people. During the opening circle of the whole community, which included our group, another group and those staying here for community experience, we took time to say a little about ourselves and if we would like to share our talents with the group during our stay.
Indian Head Massage, Languages and Guitar tutoring were offered. I offered phobia cures and to lead a community dance session.

I received an overwhelming response from everyone that they would love to dance and also many spoke to me individually about their anxieties about expressing themselves freely in dance.

I felt excited and anxious:excited at offering this wonderful way of expressing ourselves and coming together as a community group in the celebration of life and anxious as the group was large, over 25 people of all ages and abilities.

I was taken to Spiti ton Kentavron which is the other centre here in Pelion to see the wonderful open airy space for dance and movement. I plugged in my ipod and the music filled the space beautifully. I just needed to plan it now and I did!

I sensed a need for fun, creativity, playfulness, coming together with sensitivity, with openness and engagement.

For around two hours on Wednesday evening in the space at Spiti ton Kentavron we danced energetically, vibrantly, expressively, softly, creatively, uniquely, responsively.

Having the opportunity to lead this community dance event was wonderful for me. I observed moments when the movements of individuals and the group touched me deeply. During one dance with hands. I observed two mothers with their daughters united through the sensitive, fluid and creative movement of their hands and it was as if there was a reverence radiating from their small group formation.
Another dance that touched me deeply was between a mother and her young daughter of just 7 years where with just one finger connecting them they moved together in absolute connection to the soft harmonies. I also enjoyed seeing two teenage girls who at times had seemed a little self conscious, now moving sensitively, with ease together in melodic unity.

I left the centre on 30th July to stay with my partner Michael and his family just a few miles away in Tsagarada. My experience of leading the dance, learning more about living together in an ecologically sustainable community and engaging in workshops daily to learn more about the theory of sociocracy was really interesting. I feel very enthusiastic about sharing this organisational model and more with leaders in early years. I will write more about the principles and practices of sociocracy when I return to the UK.

Right now I am enjoying walking in the mountains and relaxing on the beach. Today, I received a request to return to the communities to lead another session of music and movement, this time for the family groups that are staying there now, all nationalities, all ages, mainly single mothers with and their sons. I accepted the request and am looking forward to sharing in another joyous celebration of the dance of life, with others, here in the mountains of Pelion.

I’m thinking that maybe I will return next year myself to lead an event for a week …if you think you might like to join me do let me know and I will keep you posted about the details of what I will offer.

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